About Sekida

At Santova, we believe in a digital future. We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to give your business a competitive advantage through streamlining your supply chain, opening new markets and providing information at your fingertips.

Introducing Sekida

Sekida is a B2B ecommerce digital marketplace for vendors and buyers. Sekida offers vendors access to new territories and markets by offering a streamlined online shopping experience and enabling secure door-to-door delivery. Leveraging off the Santova Group’s network and technology, Sekida markets competitively priced products from global vendors, offers reliable logistics services, secure payment facilitation and trade assurance. This makes Sekida an ideal platform for B2B transactions. 

By coordinating businesses, networks and data, Sekida creates an ecosystem that is faster, more intelligent and more effective than traditional business models. It provides a means through which a company can be transformed into a smart business that is better aligned to future trade.

Benefits to Vendors

  • Extended global reach.
  • Break into new international markets without direct investment.
  • Strong marketing and distribution channel.
  • Ecommerce channel driving business growth through online sales.
  • Increased brand and product exposure.
  • Reliable, efficient and effective supply chain management, maximizing customer value.
  • Independent payment management reduces the risk of default.
  • Product insurance, ensuring coverage against unforeseen damages or losses.
  • Personalised service and setup support for microstores and products.
  • Access to API functionality for integration and automation.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Competitive pricing, with an option of end-to-end logistics management and control.
  • Reduced risk by purchasing from validated vendors, supported by Santova - a listed global logistics organisation.
  • Access to vetted vendors, worldwide.
  • Empowering clients through time, availability and self-service.
  • Sekida can serve as a pivotal control point from order being placed to final delivery.
  • One stop shop: Create an order from multiple vendors, enabling smart shipment consols and driving down landed cost.
  • Option for seamless door-to-door management, control and delivery. Secure, online and independent payment system.